Explore the Realm of Vegetarian Cooking Classes St Louis

Sometimes you need a change and that includes food as well. Trying out some vegetarian dishes in between your meat feast isn’t so bad. Vegetables can be nutritious as well as delicious when prepared the right way. And what best way to check them out then via vegetarian cooking classes St Louis. You will learn all about the different types of vegetables available. Like how to cook right green leafy vegetables and most importantly how to cook in a way in which to retain the vitamins and other nutrients.

“The thought of two thousand people crunching celery at the same time horrified me.”

George Bernard Shaw (Irish Playwright, Critic, Polemicist and Political Activist)
Vegetarian Cooking Classes St Louis

Vegetarian Cooking Classes St Louis

Health is Happiness

One of the surprising things people learn in vegetarian cooking classes St Louis is that you can eat healthy and still love the dish. And the most important thing to know is that vegetarian dishes don’t need to be all about salads. And under the supervision of chefs, you will cook the dishes to perfection. Even broccoli or spinach can become delightful.

Exploring the Recipes

Certain vegetables work well together. Even carrots with potatoes in a gratin become a filling dish for the whole family. And to up the taste buds, try recipes with veggies and beans. Chickpeas with vegetables go well with pita bread or turn it into sandwiches with humus on the side.

Hot Stuff the Veggie Way

If you crave hotness, then look out for some Mexican chili making classes. Heat isn’t just about dousing your food with hot sauce. There are more than 50,000 hot peppers to try. From jalapenos to cayenne to even the mildly sweet capsicums, you can choose the hot stuff you most desire.

Kitchen Conservatory is the right choice especially if you can’t wait to get your hands busy preparing the delicious food. The blend of training while learning experience is heightened by the camaraderie between the people attending. Contact Kitchen Conservatory for more information about the vegetarian cooking classes St Louis.