Flirt with Taste at the Stupendous St Louis Cooking Classes

Forty nine million Americans visit fast food joints to satisfy their hunger pangs. However instead of diving into some greasy unhealthy food, why not learn how to cook. St Louis cooking classes are the best ways to not only eat healthy food, but also have fun while cooking. You can create a myriad of dishes from all over the world in your kitchen. All you need to do is learn the right cooking technique from experts.

“Usually, one’s cooking is better than one thinks it is.”

Julia Child (American Chef, Author and Television personality)
St Louis Cooking Classes


Training at St Louis Cooking Classes

How to hold the Knife

Cutting skills are very important in the preparation of any dish. Learn how to chop up onions, cut tomatoes without squashing, julienne the cabbage and carrots and so on. Some classes also show you how to debone a chicken and mince meat right there on the chopping board.

How to boil the Pasta

Every home has some form of pasta every week. However according to most chefs, you are probably overcooking your pasta. Knowing the al dente way is crucial so that the sauce you add sticks to the pasta. By going to St Louis cooking classes you can also learn how to make pasta from scratch.

How to knead Dough

This skill is useful in so many dishes. From cookies to breads and pastry, the right way to knead dough is essential. Chefs will even let you in on their secret formula to making dough. It could be as simple as using unsalted butter to adding milk rather than water for the dough.

How to infuse Flavors

Another major thing you learn from going to cooking classes is how to mix and match flavors to spices and herbs. Whether you are cooking Indian, American, British, Chinese or any other cuisine, infusing the right herbs and spices creates a dish full of flavors and taste.

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