Let’s Try 5 Fun Things From the Cooking School St Louis

Cooking can turn into a guilty pleasure when you know what you are doing. Chefs are always thinking of new ways to reinvent old recipes. Food is definitely more than just a way to sustain your body. And by enrolling in a cooking school St Louis, you learn to look at food beyond the obvious. Let’s look just five things you can try.

“Someone may offer you a freshly caught whole large fish, like a salmon or striped bass. Don’t panic – take it!”

Julia Child (American chef, author and television personality)
Cooking School St Louis


Cooking School St Louis Advantage

Twisting the Comfort

American classics like mac and cheese and apple pie are given a creative twist under the hands of expert chefs. You learn about all the different variations you can give the classic mac and cheese. Brownies can be sweetened with maple and apple sauce for more richness. And the classic apple pie turns into a tart or pockets.

Dancing to Glutton

Some cooking classes combine with music or dance lessons to give you a more unique experience. You can learn how to dance the salsa, zumba, samba, tango or the waltz. And if you have chosen music, you can listen to some cool jazz or the blues. After this you head on over to the cooking class session and whip up some deliciously ridiculous dishes.

Travel with Food

If you have ever wanted to travel the world, why not start with cooking the dishes. Take a class on cooking some Indian curries or samosas or walk on over for some authentic Chinese meal. You can even try your hand at Thai noodles or some Vietnamese cuisine. The chefs at the cooking school St Louis will also give you expert tips on how to make the spring rolls crunchy or why use sesame oil for cooking.

Romantic notions

Creating a sweet treat for your sweetheart is the best way to spend Valentine’s day. You learn how to make red velvet cake or some rose cookies for that extra dose of romance. If dinner is what you are after however, you can try classes that offer to teach a full course meal. Afterwards you can sit down and dine on your creations in the company of a good wine.

Mystery Delight

Most people will admit they cook more from the ingredients they have on hand than from a set recipe. And that is exactly what certain classes teach, to create palatable and tasty dishes out of the few ingredients you have in your fridge. Try some pasta bake with chips or a vegetarian rice pilaf with ketchup.

No matter what you want to learn to cook, Kitchen Conservatory probably has a cooking class for it among the 800 plus classes. Need to register, then hop on over to the site or call us.