The Chemistry of Perfect Spicing Cooking Classes St Louis

Aromatic spices, the first thing you smell when you enter any cooking classes St Louis kitchen. The basil infused pasta, the oregano and thyme pizza, the cinnamon and honey glazed chicken and so on. Food without spices is bland. Herbs and spices bring about an unbelievable flavor, not to mention a spicy aroma. Let’s look at how to perfect this chemistry of spice and herbs.

“The greatest dishes are very simple.”

Auguste Escoffier (French chef, restaurateur and culinary writer)
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Chemistry in Cooking Classes St Louis

Healing with Herbs

If you go to a cooking class you will get a chance to experiment with herbs. And you will also learn how to cut them right and which herb goes best with which dish. Food scientists have shown us how herbs heal us, whether it is the humble mint with your beef steak to help digestion. Or the very aromatic parsley in the salad which helps to de-stress you when you are tired.

Natural Food Coloring

A pinch of saffron to any meal gives the dish an otherworldly experience. Saffron the spice of kings and queens with Persian roots is also a great way to color your food. Another example is turmeric which also turns dishes yellow along with giving the food an earthy aromatic taste.

You can actually feast on this spice in the Kitchen Conservatory cooking classes St Louis. The Turmeric – Good as Gold cooking class will show you the different ways to use the spice in your daily cooking. Turmeric is good for the body as it heals it from the inside out. So what are you waiting for, come on in and try the turmeric chai lattes.

Flaming the Buds

If on the other hand “hot” is your thing, then step right into the world of chilies. Did you know the Moruga Scorpion are the world’s hottest chili peppers. You might not find this in any of the cooking classes, but there will be plenty of hotness around. The tiny hot chiles around town come in various heats, all promising to melt the grease off your bones.