Snail Tongs

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Escargot Tongs are essential additions to flatware for serving and enjoying escargot. Specially shaped to the natural form of escargot shells, these small tongs help to steady escargots while extracting the meat. Their tiny shells, especially when basted in a butter sauce, can be too awkward and slippery to hold securely by hand. Snails have been on the menu since nearly the beginning of time and rose quickly to an elite status with the Romans. Today, Escargot is traditionally cooked and served in a rich buttery garlic sauce and plated on an escargot dish or snail trays with recessed areas that cradle the snails and their delectable sauces. HIC s Escargot Tongs are up for the task at every dining occasion, from lunch or brunch, and holiday meals. Their bright finish and attractive look conveys a refined sense of purpose on the table. A tradition since 1965, HIC Flatware is made in Japan from stainless steel and are dishwasher safe for easy cleanup.