Where to Join the Ultimate Group Cooking Classes St Louis

People between the ages of 19-35 say they either don’t know how to cook or don’t know many dishes to cook. This is why group cooking classes St Louis are perfect as gifts or for team building sessions. You learn to prepare the food you want to eat with people who are just as new to cooking as you. There are a wide variety of classes you can take with chefs that teach a wide range of food. So let’s check out the classes you can join up.

“Cooking is all about people. Food is maybe the only universal thing that really has the power to bring everyone together. No matter what culture, everywhere around the world, people get together to eat.”

Guy Fieri (American restaurateur, author, game show host, and an Emmy Award winning television personality)
Group Cooking Classes St Louis Options


Group Cooking Classes St Louis Options

Beginners Classes

This is a great group cooking class St Louis to join where you start with the basics. Things like how to hold the knife while chopping vegetables. Learning cooking terms like baking, roasting, grilling, pan frying, stir fry etc. And you also get an introduction to the different pots and pan and learn when you use them.

Kitchen Conservatory has a brilliant “Prep School” group cooking class St Louis. They also offer 850 other classes in case you were wondering. For more details, call them up.

Knife Skills

This is another essential class where you learn all about the knife. And especially the different ways you can use it on your meat, fruits and vegetables. This class will also introduce you to dicing, cubing, julienne, and chopping. If you didn’t understand anything in this paragraph, then you need to join the class.

Kitchen Conservatory calls it the “Whack the Knife” class.

Healthy Bites

Many people have turned to cooking to learn healthy ways to cook. And for groups this can also be a great class to take. You will learn healthy substitutes to your bad habits. Way to cut down on sugar and oil. And simultaneous you will cook up some really tasty dishes, which you can try at the end of the class.

Kitchen Conservatory has many healthy eating cooking classes, but the best perhaps is the Whole 30 Healthy Eating that combines cooking with yoga.

Couples Amour

Married couples are often looking for things to do with their other married friends. Group cooking classes St Louis is a great way to bond over some good food. You can learn how to make some romantic cookies or cakes. And if you are truly in the mood, why not try your hand at cooking a real four course meal. Best is you get to enjoy the foods of your labor at the end of the class with a glass of wine or beer.

Kitchen Conservatory has tons of options for couples, however the Date Night for Couples: Mex Appeal is always popular.