Kitchen Conservatory Gift Registry

Whether you are a bride-or groom-to-be or you want to let your friends and family know what you really want for your birthday or other special day, we at Kitchen Conservatory are here to help. You may register at our store or online.

Find an Existing Gift Registry

Let Kitchen Conservatory guide you through the gift registry process. Our consultant can help you customize the perfect selection of kitchenware, tools, and accessories that will suit you for a lifetime. We make cooking fun and enjoyable by providing all the tools you will need in your kitchen. Make sure that you receive the perfect gifts for your special day. When you sign up, your gift registry is available online through our website and your friends and family can order with the click of a mouse button. The registry is also available in the store and through fax or mail. Gift wrap is complimentary for items purchased through the gift registry.

Create OR Edit a Gift Registry

It's Easy to Create a Registry!

To get started, simply select your first item and choose 'Add to Registry.' You will then be redirected to the initial registry creation screen. Add your name(s) and event date and click 'Update Registry". From here you also have the option to select how many of this item that you would like, the option of setting the priority level if you have multiple items in your registry, and the ability to add comments. If the gifts are to be shipped to a different address; please specify under the comment section. Also in the comments section will be things such as the date of your special day (birthday, wedding, anniversary) and if this order is a bridal registry please specify the name of your intended. We will gladly mail or email your friends and relatives a reminder card of your special event and let them know that you are registered with us. The only way to save your registry is to become a registered user. If you are not already a registered user, then click the button on the right side of the screen on the registry page to register.

In our store:

You are always welcome stop by Kitchen Conservatory at 9011 Manchester Road St. Louis, MO 63144. We will gladly guide you through our selection. No appointment is necessary, but it is helpful.